“Fashion for the Rest of Us” Copyright © 2015 Sandra Bulcroft


Personal Lifestyle Assessment


Most of us women don’t have unlimited clothing allowances, personal stylists or buy haute-couture from designer’s private salons. While we may hit an occasional designer’s sale, for the most part, we buy off-the-rack from a variety of shops and boutiques.

However, if we choose sensibly and have a plan in mind, we can dress fashionably, appropriately and with a wardrobe that won’t go out of style two months after we bring it home. And, with my counsel, you can do all this and stay within a reasonable budget.

We start by you filling out a Lifestyle Questionnaire which provides basic information about your background, wardrobe, shopping habits, etc.


We then have a detailed discussion of your lifestyle and how your wardrobe must relate to and support it.

A woman with many social obligations on an ongoing basis will necessarily maintain a very different wardrobe from a professional woman who travels constantly with little time for anything other than business.

We determine what type of wardrobe is most appropriate for you and I provide detailed recommendations for clothing, shoes and accessories.