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Putting It All Together - The New You

Once we have finished your Lifestyle Assessment, Color Analysis, Closet Clean Out, Wardrobe Review and Shopping Session it’s time to begin Outfit Building

Your remaining wardrobe pieces are now laid out along with the new items you have purchased and we begin to determine “what goes with what.”

My clients are often amazed at how many existing pieces they have that work together, as well as with new ones. Not just skirts and tops or jackets and trousers but shoes and accessories as well.

 I help you put them together into complete “Outfits”. Each Outfit is documented to help you remember our choices.You no longer have to guess “what goes with what”. Some clients prefer to “hang” each outfit together while others prefer to photograph each outfit for a permanent reference record.

There is no cost for me taking photos,  and I recommend it, but you will be billed for actual costs for having prints made.

As part of this service I will help you decide what to pack for a business trip, destination vacation or cruise. This will assure that you have the proper wardrobe appropriate for all events for the destination without forgetting anything or over packing.