“Fashion for the Rest of Us” Copyright © 2015 Sandra Bulcroft


On our shopping day I meet you in the shops and you can quickly select or reject from the pre-selection. This saves you time and makes the whole shopping trip more relaxed and fun.

I will assist with the choice of styles, quality of merchandise and garment fit. This means you get honest opinions with no salesperson “push.”

Another  benefit of this is that I can provide unbiased information about where to shop since I get no commission or any other form of payment from any store; we are free to shop anywhere to meet your needs.

You will save money when you purchase clothes, shoes and accessories with my assistance because your new items will fit better, flatter you color-wise and be appropriate for your lifestyle.

You will be pleased to add them to your wardrobe and not have to return them or leave them, with the tags still on, unworn in your closet.

Some of my busiest clients ask me to pre-select clothing, shoes or accessories for them and bring them to their home.

This service, however, requires that you provide me with your charge card or number to use for purchase of the pre-selections.

In addition, time for transportation from the store to your home and return to store for items not selected will be billed at usual shopping rates.


While some clients prefer to shop on their own, most like me to assist them and help choose the new items they require.

As part of my shopping fee, I will go to specific shops and pre- select an assortment of merchandise that I know will fit your needs and also fill in any “gaps” or missing pieces from your current wardrobe.