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Color Analysis


Have you ever noticed sometimes when you put something on, it just doesn’t flatter you? That’s because it is probably the wrong color for your skin, or your hair, or your eyes or even your makeup.

Just as wearing the right colors for you can make you look more alive and vibrant, wearing the wrong colors can make you look washed out and dull.  Scientific studies have shown that your color profile can be categorized as one of the four seasons; Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring.

My training by the Association of Image Consultants International enables me determine which “Season” best describes you and to help you choose the color palette most flattering for you.

By draping your neck and shoulders with multiple fabric swatches from each of the four seasons we will first determine your Season.

Then, together, we will select specific color swatches from YOUR season that enhance your natural attributes. These colors will serve as the foundation for your updated wardrobe.