“Fashion for the Rest of Us” Copyright © 2015 Sandra Bulcroft

Fashion Forum Outline

What woman doesn’t want access to future fashion trends and insider tips that will help her enhance her own individual look and sense of style?

Most women don’t have unlimited clothing allowances, personal stylists or buy haute-couture from designer’s private salons. For the most part, they buy off-the-rack from a variety of shops and chains.

However, if they choose sensibly and have a plan in mind, they can dress fashionably, appropriately and with a wardrobe that won’t go out of style two months after they bring it home.

This fast-paced, interactive Fashion Forum will show your members how to create a stylish wardrobe designed for their own lifestyle. We delve into color, fabrics, tailoring, cut, color stories and future trends.  

We explore how the color of their skin, hair and makeup helps determine what colors enhance or detract from their overall appearance. We try on actual color samples to show how to choose colors that flatter them.

My insider’s industry access enables me to provide them with something the general public never sees –– a preview look at the color and fashion trends that are upcoming in the next few seasons so that they can choose clothing that will will remain fashionable for the future.

We discuss which clothing items and accessories are appropriate (and not appropriate) for leisure wear, evenings out, vacations, travel and business.

This wardrobe selection phase can be tailored to address the primary lifestyles of your members. For example, if most of them are business women, we emphasize how building a wardrobe for business need not involve purchasing all new items. I show them how to use and combine items that they probably already own for business use.

They see which fashion looks are appropriate for business and also see which ones are not. We look at actual examples of inappropriate clothing and accessories and discuss why they should not be worn.

If most of your guests are more interested in other areas, for example leisure pursuits, the Forum can be tailored to their interests

Build a Complete Event Around the Fashion Forum

Although the Fashion Forum can be presented as a stand-alone event, many organizations tie it in to a lunch, dinner or cocktails and hors d'oeuvres event. They also find that prizes or small gifts such as fashion books (which I can provide) are very much appreciated.

Your guests will thank you for entertaining them with this unique and fun Fashion Forum