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Insider Fashion Forum FAQs

Q: What do you mean when you say the Forum is “inter-active”?

A: Rather than a “lecture”, this is a presentation where the audience is encouraged to participate and ask questions. When we discuss choosing colors to match skin and hair tones, for example, I drape actual color samples on audience members so everyone can understand how the concept works on an actual person.

Q: Are there any limitations on audience size?

A: The Forum is designed to be an informal “woman to woman” exchange of ideas and information. Therefore, it is more suited to small groups in informal settings such as small meeting rooms, restaurants or even homes. While the average audience size is 20, I have successfully presented the Forum to as few as six and as  many as 40 participants.

Q: How long is the Forum?

A: Usually 45 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of audience participation. It can be adjusted, however, to fit the needs of your program.

Q: Do you provide all the equipment and materials for the Forum?

A: I can provide all projection equipment, color and clothing samples as required. If your venue has an existing projector and screen I can usually tie-in to your equipment.

Q: Can the Forum emphasis be adjusted?

A: Yes, for example when addressing acceptable corporate attire, this becomes the closing segment of the Forum with a strong emphasis on what is not acceptable. If the program features travel, the resort wear section can receive more emphasis.

Q: What does the Forum cost?

A: Since each Forum is individually tailored to the sponsor’s program and since the venue, audience size, location and desired duration also varies, each Forum must be quoted individually. Please contact me by phone or email to discuss the particulars of your program so I may give you an accurate quotation.