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Use the “carrot” of Fashion Sense instead of the “stick” of enforcement

People often dress inappropriately for business not to be defiant but simply because they don’t have any fashion sense or know what is appropriate.

Rather than just tell them “what not to wear”, my Forum for corporate clients teaches employees about fashion in general, how to build a wardrobe and what is appropriate for all occasions.

They learn about color and fit and fabric and what will look good on their particular body type. They see what the color and fashion trends for the coming seasons will be.

We discuss which clothing items and accessories are appropriate (and not appropriate) for leisure wear, evenings out, vacations and travel.

Once they have gotten a solid grounding in fashion for all other occasions, we discuss business attire. They learn that building a wardrobe for business need not involve purchasing all new items. I show them how to use and combine items that they probably already own for business use.

They see which fashion looks are appropriate for business and also see which ones are not. We look at actual examples of inappropriate clothing and accessories and discuss why they should not be worn.

This “teach not preach” approach allows your employees to make appropriate fashion choices for business based on their new-found sense of style rather than following strict rules.

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